Ryan & Harriet

I was looking forward to this wedding for sometime now. It all went down in the unique and amazing venue Massaros, perched on a hill in Kangaroo Ground, north east of Melbourne. With glorious views of pretty much the entirety of Melbourne, it’s an absolutely stunning place to celebrate love.

Ryan & Harriet’s heritage has a strong connection with Great Britain and it was amazing to see so many friends and family take on the long haul to Australia. That’s dedication. That’s love, plus it was a good chance for the Brits to leave the damp and cold winter, for the warm Australian summer…

….when I say warm I mean 42c! Just another day in the Australian summer! It was relentless heat, however everyone did so well to endure the hot sun to watch Ryan & Harriet make it official. Part of my job as a wedding photographer is not only documenting the day, but it’s also to mingle with the guests! I can safely say I felt very welcome throughout the whole wedding. Honestly the vibe was amazing, so many laughs, so many drinks (not by me although I could have easily had a few sherbbbbs) a fantastic sunset and a great send off for the newlyweds under a sea of sparklers!

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